Miriam Gross, PsyD

Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Do you have a challenging relationship with someone you care about? Maybe your parents, your spouse or any other family member? Sometimes our closest relationships can be the most difficult ones to navigate. Your future depends on what you do now.

I'm down to earth, warm and direct, which my clients appreciate about me. I have guided hundreds of clients towards personal growth, finding meaning and motivation in everyday life, relationship-repair and freedom from addiction and codependency. I specialize in anxiety, depression, addiction, spirituality and relationship issues.

The research-based methods I integrate are from the studies of neurobiology , attachment theory and human development. With over 15 years of related experience, in 2008, I entered private practice full time to help adults and families find existential purpose and peaceful relationships.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN:  Hebrew, Yiddish, German & English