Focus of therapy for Miriam Gross, PsyD MFT Brooklyn, NY

Focus - Who I Help

Individual Therapy:

Are you feeling stressed, worried, frustrated or sad, often for no reason?  Do your problems keep you from experiencing joy, fulfillment and success?  Are your feelings something you've lost control of, regardless of how good or bad your life is going?

Past or present stress can make you feel overwhelmed, and a victim or bystander in your own life narrative - along for the ride rather than being in control in the driver's seat. You may find yourself constantly reliving the past or fretting about or dreading the future, rather than living in and experiencing the present.


You are not alone.


The challenges and difficulties of life can sometimes be more than one person can handle on their own. Remember, there is no shame in seeking help: it is a sign of intelligence and strength, not weakness or failure. 


No matter how stuck you may feel, growth and healing are always possible with professional help and

the right treatment.



Couples Therapy:

Deep, meaningful relationships can bring immense joy and fulfillment. Relationships that are difficult or heading in unintended directions can cause intense stress and despair.


Do you have a challenging relationship with someone you care deeply about? Maybe your parents, your spouse or any other family member? Sometimes our closest, most important relationships can be the most difficult ones to navigate.


Your future together depends on what you do now. When you don't know how to make the necessary changes to improve and strengthen your relationship, I'm here to help.


The research-based methods I integrate are from the studies of neurobiology,  attachment theory and human development. With over 15 years of related experience, in 2008, I entered private practice full time to help adults and families find existential purpose and peaceful relationships. .



I offer FREE, 15-minute consultations to answer any questions you may have

about my unique approach to therapy, counseling, and coaching.

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